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Performance start 18:00
Ticket price 150-500 hrn
The Father

Performance language - ukrainian

Duration - 2 h 40 min with intermission

Genre - Attempt to remember life in 2 acts

First night - September 25, 2021

Author - Florian Zeller

Director, author of music and lighting solutions - Stas Zhyrkov

Stage designer - Yurii Larionov

Costume designer - Khrystyna Korabelnikova

Translator - Ivan Riabchyi

Composer - Bohdan Lysenko

Assistant director - Kateryna Parfyrieva

Video technical coordinator - Stanislav Lomakovskyi

Technical video director, video projection operator - Ruslan Berezovyi

Videographer - Liubov Martynets

Head of the artistic and production department - Oleh Pustovit

Lighting artists - Serhiy Shalabanov, Valeryi Speka

Sound designer - Oleksandr Kuriy

Sound engineer - Yaroslava Mukomela

Property woman - Alla Kremkova

Dressmaker - Liudmyla Savytska

Scenery engineer - Yuriy Berdnikov

Photo - Anastasiia Mantach

Design - Anton Kudriashov

Administration - Anna Atvinovska

PR and promo - Hanna Beshkenadze

Producer - Stas Zhyrkov

Strange things begin to happen in Andre’s calm measured life. One day, he notices that his eldest daughter, Anna, is behaving suspiciously – too often radically changing her life plans and confusing facts that he is sure of. It also convinces that something is wrong with him. Perhaps the heiress planned to throw him out of his native house and take an apartment for herself, and that is why she is trying to deceive him.

Everyday life is changing, hiding the truth further and further. The facts of life are inexplicably intertwined, the sense of time works differently, and consciousness is no longer able to grasp all this. Andre talks to his daughter about her departure to her beloved husband, and then a stranger enters the house and says that he and Anna have been married for 10 years. wait Who is that man? Who is Anna going to then? Which of these is true? And why does the daughter behave differently with him every time, and her husband changes his face? Strange things in Andre’s life are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from reality. So what really separates it from the truth? The answers to all questions lie in a fairly common phenomenon that each of us is at risk of encountering.

Cult play by Florian Zeller, translated by Ivan Riabchyi, directed by Stas Zhirkov, with an incredible cast. For the first time in Ukraine!


Father Andre
The girl who looks like a daughter