The acceptance of applications for participation in the Festival “Mytnytsia. New Direction” – 2023 has begun. This year it will be held in partnership with the Left Bank Theater and the Playwrights Theater and will be built on the basis of modern Ukrainian drama.

The participant of the festival chooses one of the 25 texts proposed by the Theater of Playwrights. The list includes 12 texts written by the founders of the Theater of Playwrights, and 13 texts by other modern authors. Based on the selected text, the participant prepares an explanation, which she adds to the application for participation in the festival.

The festival consists of the following stages*:

🔹 1 stage. June 12 – August 3, 2023

Acceptance of applications from participants.

🔹 2 stage. August 4 – September 3, 2023

Selection and processing of applications by the selection committee of the festival;

Negotiation procedures with potential participants who, based on the results of the application evaluation, will be able to present excerpts based on the selected texts.

🔹 3 stage. September 4, 2023

Announcement of the names of the participants who are going to the final stage of preparation of excerpts.

🔹 4th stage. September 4 – October 3, 2023

Rehearsals of excerpts.

🔹 5th stage. October 4, 2023

Public screening of excerpts on the small stage of the Left Bank Theater.

🔹 6th stage. October 4 – November 3, 2023

Analysis of the jury’s evaluations and negotiation procedures with the participants who, according to the results of the evaluations, scored the highest points.

🔹 7th stage. November 4, 2023

Announcement of the winner.

*due to the martial law, the dates of the stages of the festival may change


Application Package:

🟣 To participate in the Festival, fill out the registration form – here

🟣 Choose from the list of texts from the Theater of Playwrights the play with which you want to participate in the Festival – here

🟣 Before writing an explanation, read the note to the director on how to work with a modern author – here

🟣 To familiarize yourself with the regulations of the festival – click here

🟣 To find answers to the most common questions – go here


The jury of this year’s festival “Mytnytsia” includes:

🔸 Anna Bubnova. Head of art programs, British Council in Ukraine

🔸 Anastasia Hayshenets. Head of performative programs of the Ukrainian Institute

🔸 Ilona Demchenko. House of Europe program manager

🔸 Valentina Klymenko. Journalist, art critic

🔸 Andriy Kornienko. Film producer

🔸 Maxim Kurochkin. Playwright

🔸 Oleksiy Sukhanov. TV presenter, journalist

🔸 Tamara Trunova. Chief director of the Theater on the Left Bank

🔸 Vika Fedorina. Founder of Kyiv Daily resources

The curator of the project is Tamara Trunova, the main director of the Left Bank Theater.


If you still have questions, write to us at


About the festival: The festival “Mytnytsia. New direction” was created in 2022 by Left Bank Theater with the aim of discovering, supporting and developing directors in the field of theatrical art. It became a continuation of the Festival in memory of Eduard Mytnytskyi “Space of the Master” (held at the Left Bank Theater in 2021 and was founded by Stas Zhyrkov and Tamara Trunova). The winner of the first “Mytnytsia” was Oleksandr Sokolov with the play “The Lonesome West” by Martin McDonagh, the play will be staged in the 2023-2024 theater season.