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Performance start 18:00
Ticket price 150-450 hrn
Women’s logic

Performance language - ukrainian

Duration - 2 h. with intermission

Genre - Comedy

First night - November 12, 2014

Author - Anatoliy Krym

Director - Tamara Antropova

Stage designer - Oleh Luniov

Costume designer - Khrystyna Korabelnikova

Choreographer - Olha Semioshkina

Musical decision - Oleksandr Kuriy

Lighting designer - Tetiana Kyslytska

Production manager - Eduard Mytnytskyi

Photographer - Anastasiia Mantach

Women’s logic is a firm belief that any objective reality can be overcome by desire.

There are countless anecdotes and aphorisms about women’s logic, the authors of which are, of course, men. In their opinion, the absence of any logic is “female logic”. (But no logic will help a man prove this to a woman). Men are happy to joke about the incomprehensible female logic, but as a result, they are disarmed in front of her. A lonely man would never think of looking for a life partner in a cemetery… But a lonely woman, the heroine of our story, goes and finds one. But not one, but two at once! As a result, she faces a difficult choice: with which of them to connect her fate. No matter how much the head thinks, the heart will still make you do it your way! This is the phenomenon of female logic. Where the mind is powerless – female logic wins! The audience of the performance will be able to see for themselves.

A performance in which a lot of sarcasm and love, warmth and emotional tension are invested, and most importantly – humor. It is a sharp satire in which laughter is the key to help us survive the most difficult times. Come and recharge yourself with positivity, because we laugh – it means we don’t give up.