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Performance start 18:00
Ticket price 150-500 hrn
Bad roads

Performance language - ukrainian, russian. WARNING! In the play, some characters communicate in Russian and perform Russian-language songs. This is the language of the play. And this bilingualism corresponds to the realities of Eastern Ukraine as of the first years of the war that Russia unleashed against Ukraine in 2014

Additional Information - 18+

Duration - 2 h 30 m with intermission

Genre - Six stories about life and war

First night - May 17, 2019

Author - Nataliia Vorozhbyt

Director - Tamara Trunova

Stage designer - Yuriy Larionov

Costume designer - Khrystyna Korabelnikova

Musical decision - Tamara Trunova

- Akmal Guriezov

Assistant director - Nataliia Dubrova

Producers - Tamara Trunova

- Stas Zhyrkov

- Volodymyr Sheiko

Laureate performance of the Shevchenko Prize-2022 in the nomination “Theatrical art”.

The winning performance of the theater festival Radikal Jung Festival 2022 (Germany).

The play is the winner of the “Kyiv Account” prize – the best play of 2018.

The winning performance of the 2nd All-Ukrainian theater festival-award “GRA” in the nominations:

The best dramatic performance of 2019 – “Bad Roads”

The best musical solution of 2019 – Akmal Gurezov “Bad roads”

The best directorial work of 2019 – Tamara Trunova “Bad roads”

The war in eastern Ukraine is not only about explosions, shelling and the names of the dead. Behind its scenes, on both sides of the front, the lives of (un)ordinary people, who were connected by the broken roads of Donbas, continue. “Bad Roads” is six stories about relationships between men and women, strained and distorted by war, and about fractures that will never heal.

A young woman goes to the east of Ukraine in search of documentary material about the war, but there, in the gray zone of the border, she becomes a hostage of both her own and other people’s stories. She lives them, as it were, in a looking glass, where good and evil no longer exist, where the victim and the executioner change roles, and love becomes fleeting and elusive.

This play is one of the first statements about the war in eastern Ukraine on a large theatrical stage. Natalya Vorozhbyt wrote it, collecting stories and testimonies of real people for the script of “Cyborgs” (director Akhtem Seitablaev). But if “Cyborgs” is about myth and success, then “Bad Roads” is about life itself, which will always prevail over death. The play was first staged at London’s Royal Court Theater in October 2017. The Ukrainian premiere took place on September 27, 2018 on Stage 6. On May 17, 2019, the premiere took place on the stage of the Left Bank Theater.

British press about the play “Bad Roads”:

“A powerful play… A metaphor for the difficult emotional paths women take during war. The fortune teller becomes the Ukrainian Sarah Kane” TheGuardian

“A ruthless look at how war dehumanises man” The Independent

“A bold exploration of the personal and sexual, and the particular intimacy of war that makes love fleeting and elusive” Exeunt Magazine



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