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Performance start 15:00
Ticket price 400 hrn
Give the body

Performance language - ukrainian

Duration - 1 h. 40 min. without intermission

Genre - (Ua) Гостра сатира

First night - March 18, 2023

Author - Anatoliy Krym

Director, stage decision - Volodymyr Tsyvinskyi

Musical decision - Oleksandr Kuriy

Assistant director - Tetiana Khomenko

Costume designer - Liudmyla Kysil

Lighting designer - Yevhen Yaskovets

Video projection operator - Stanislav Goltvanichenko

Sound engineer - Liudmyla Gybalo

Costumer - Liudmyla Savytska

Props woman - Anastasiia Borovska

Makeup - Tetiana Tatarenko

Head of the artistic and production department - Valentyn Lobanets

Head of the literary department - Valeriia Tiahun

Administration - Anna Atvinovska

PR and promo - Hanna Beshkenadze

Photo - Anastasiia Mantach

Design - Anton Kudriashov

In the plot of this comedy, the central character is Vasia, a native of Barnaul, who cause hatred. But his adversary in this story is grandmother Nadia, a real Ukrainian woman, who would not give herself to insult on her land. How will every living being who appears in this story and is forced to face Vasya not be offended.

A performance in which a lot of sarcasm and love, warmth and emotional tension are invested, and most importantly – humor. It is a sharp satire in which laughter is the key to help us survive the most difficult times. Come and recharge yourself with positivity, because we laugh – it means we don’t give up.


Vasia/son of Vasia