Playbill of events

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Performance start 15:00
Ticket price 400 hrn
Draw me a plane

Performance language - ukrainian

Duration - 1h 30 min without intermission

Genre - Life between two flights

First night - May 6, 2023

Author - Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Director - Mykhailo Urytskyi

Stage & costume designer - Mariia Pohrebniak

Translator - Ivan Riabchyi

Assistant director - Kateryna Parfyrieva

Illustrator - Nikita Titov

Head of the artistic and production department - Valentyn Lobanets

Lighting designer - Serhii Shalabanov

Sound engineer - Stanislav Lomakovskyi

Costumers - Liudmyla Savytska, Tetiana Starchenko

Props woman - Anastasiia Borovska

(Ua) Художниця гриму - (Ua) Тетяна Татаренко

Administration - Anna Atvinovska, Mariana Pankina

Head of the literary department - Valeriia Tiahun

PR and promo - Hanna Beshkenadze

Videographers - Odarka Kyrylenko, Yaroslav Pushkarchuk

Photo - Anastasiia Mantach

Design - Anton Kudriashov

Why did the “little princess” appear in the life of the old military pilot?

Why can the next meeting with his son transfer the main character from the rank of winners to the rank of losers?

How can admiration for a genius turn into self-loathing?

What is more important then: to be forgiven or to forgive?

Forgiveness is a complex issue: forgiving is often difficult.

Do we always have to do this?

Do we forgive ourselves so that we can forgive others more easily?

Guilty or not and can he face the truth and correct his mistakes?


Mykhailo Urytskyi’s stage play, created during the 3rd Laboratory of Drama of the National State University, based on Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s story from the series “Revenge and Forgiveness”



Юлія Шаповал
Joken (son of Werner), Lecturer, Martin Muller