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Performance start 15:00
Every brilliant thing

Performance language - ukrainian

Additional Information - (Ua) 12+

Duration - 1h 20 min without intermission

Genre - Monoplay

First night - March 1, 2020

Author - Duncan Macmillan

Director, stage design, text adaption - Tamara Trunova

Musical decision - Oleksandr Kuriy, Tamara Trunova

Video - Anton Kudriashov

Producer - Tamara Trunova

So, a one-act play. The main director of our theater, Tamara Trunova, set herself an interesting, extremely difficult task. And someone will say – another challenge. The main role, the only role on the stage, is performed by the leading actress of our theater – Olesia Zhurakivska. For both Tamara and Olesia, this is the first solo show in their creative lives.

The play is based on the play “Every brilliant thing” by Duncan McMillan, a modern English playwright and director well known in Europe. It is interesting that McMillan created it together with his friend, the British comedian John Donahue, who developed this text in his familiar stand-up genre and had a wild success.

And what will we see on the Small Stage? How will such a talented, deep, unexpected actress like Olesia Zhurakivska and one of the best modern theater directors of Ukraine – Tamara Trunova – tell this touching, dynamic and, despite the subject matter, extremely comical story?

“Our new play is about the fact that you can hardly save someone, but by saving someone, you can save yourself. Noticing the insignificant, at first glance, beautiful, to build for yourself such a fragile, but such an important life-affirming foundation. The play, contrary to the claims of geneticists, breaks the paradigm of imitating the behavior of parents and says that the experience of living is life itself. This is an interactive monologue that violates or even denies the boundary between the stage and the auditorium, captures a moment, a smell, a color, a touch. The author of the text notes that this role can be played by a woman or a man of any age or race. It seemed to me that it should be not only a professional actor/actress, but also a person who is able to hear other people’s pain, who does not care and this is manifested in daily actions. Olesia Zhurakivska takes care of the House of Stage Veterans, and I see how much heart she leaves to other people every day. My great respect and sincere bow to her professionalism and humanity”, – Tamara Trunova about the theater’s play “Every brilliant thing”.