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Performance start 15:00
Ticket price 400 hrn
Go can not stay

Performance language - ukrainian. The play uses profanity.

Additional Information - 16+ / the play contains scenes of smoking.

Duration - 1h 20 min without intermission

Genre - A lyrical comedy about love, Poland, Ferdinand the cat, guest workers and a Kyiv lawyer.

First night - January 30, 2021

Author - Ihor Nosovskyi

Director - Tetiana Hubriy

Stage designer - Yuriy Larionov

Costume designer - Khrystyna Korabelnikova

Assistant directors - Nataliia Dubrova, Tetiana Khomenko

Producer - Stas Zhyrkov

This story is about Maxim. Maksym is easy to recognize in one of your acquaintances – a graduate with a law degree, without a job in his specialty and a stable income. And Max seems to have done everything as it should be – he got a prestigious profession, he has his own apartment in Kyiv and his girlfriend Lena. However, his life in Kyiv is not the way he dreamed – he did not need a law degree, and the money for the wedding has to be found somewhere. Max wants more and, on the recommendation of an acquaintance, decides to go to Poland to earn money. But what will await him there – a fairy tale about career growth and a happy family, or a harsh reality with all the force majeure?

Good where we are not. According to statistics, more than 3 million Ukrainians work abroad. Why does this happen? It seems that everything is fine, as if there is land and arms and legs, and a head on our shoulders, but still we do not manage to arrange our life in our native country. Through the Internet and social networks, thanks to which we have practically learned to communicate live, we see how good it is somewhere out there. It seems that everything is easy abroad, where real happiness and great opportunities await everyone. Our reality looks gray and bad – so you want to run away to a beautiful foreign picture where everything will be fine, or… still stay and try to sort things out here.

“Go can not stay” – where should the comma be? Everyone will choose for himself.


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