Playbill of events

back to afisha
Performance start 18:00
Ticket price 150-550 hrn

Performance language - ukrainian. The play uses profanity.

Duration - 2 h 20 min with intermission

Genre - Specific comedy

First night - March 18, 2015

Author - Pavlo Arie

Director - Stas Zhyrkov

Stage & costume designer - Yuliia Zaulychna

Musical decision - Olesia Stefanyk, Ihor Antonov

Video - Illia Peliuk

Producers - Stas Zhyrkov

- Kseniia Romashenko

The performance based on the play by Pavlo Arie “At the beginning and end of time” is the winner of the “Kyiv Pectoral” award in 2015 in the nominations of the best chamber stage performance and the best female role performed by Irma Vitovska.

Anyone who has seen “Stalkers” knows how difficult it is to find words for them. Those who have already seen it will never forget where the secret branch of the subway is located and where time runs in a circle, not a line. Anyone who has seen this play knows that people live in the gray zone, on their land. And that you can’t shoot people.

Everyone with a heart will feel the story of the forgotten, useless strange woman Prisia, the sickly mother and the stupid son.

This is a specific comedy where myth and reality have equal power, where radioactive humor borders on the truth of our lives.

The play premiered on March 18, 2015 on the stage of the Molodyi Theater.

Performance of the Golden Gate Theater



Granny Prisia
Ірма Вітовська
Віталіна Біблів
Police commissioner