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Performance start 18:00
Ticket price 350 hrn

Performance language - ukrainian

Additional Information - (Ua) У виставі лунають гучні звуки та постріли

Duration - 1h 20 min without intermission

Genre - Quiet thriller

First night - June 15, 2019

Author - Mykola Khvylovyi, stage version by Oleksandr Seredin based on the novella "I (Romance)"

Director - Oleksandr Seredin

Stage & costume designer - Olesia Holovach

Sound engineer - Stanislav Lomakovskyi

Lighting designer - Tetiana Kyslytska

Assistant director - Tetiana Khomenko

Producers - Stas Zhyrkov

- Tamara Trunova

How does it happen that young, talented, in love, bright people meet with evil and why does it gain power over them? We are brought up, nurturing the values of goodness, morality and love – while it happens that in the history of mankind there are terrible periods of wars, terror, and mass murders? The director encourages the audience to make assumptions, to fantasize about the events that happened before and after the story described in the work “I (Romance)”. Surrealistic, absurdist fragments of the past of the characters: Andryusha, Dr. Tagabat, mother – help to look deeper into the play and feel the psychological state of the main character, with all the dichotomy of his soul in the struggle between good and evil: “I am a Chekist, but also a man.”

Alexander Seredin, director, playwright:
“This is a performance for those who do not expect from the theater moralizing, repetition of well-known truths. I believe that the theater, first of all, should provoke emotions in the audience. New or long forgotten. The first part of the play is a short story that creates a psychological state in the viewer similar to the feeling of the main character of “Romantic”. When these five novellas are passed in the performance, – in the space of the stage, not literature, – the original source becomes much clearer, the correct feeling of the sixth part, which is based on the text of Mykola Khvylovy, appears.”

Yurii Volodarskyi, critic, journalist, publicist:

“Seredyn’s performance is a triumph of absurdist aesthetics over boring concreteness and gives such a wide space for interpretations that Khvylyov never dreamed of.”

Viktoriia Fedorina, editor-in-chief of KyivDaily:

“Khvylevoi does not appear immediately, but everything that happens on the stage does not cause boredom, but amazement. Because what is happening on stage is relevant. Khvylevoy comes suddenly, immediately under the breath. When you find yourself one on one with him, you understand that this is the only way Khvylevoy would have put himself. Seredin is a smart detached director, who showed the life of a Czech, horror, loneliness, illness, misfortune of the century with minimal improvised means (all of them theatrical).


Woman, educator, mother, Dr. Tagabat, nurse
Me, convict, child, nun, Degenerate, Dr. Tagabat
Me, convict, child, nun, Andriusha, Dr. Tagabat
Me, convict, child, Andriusha, Dr. Tagabat
Me, convict, child, nun, Andriusha, sick, Degenerate, the cruelest
Me, convict, child, nun, Andriusha, doctor, commoner