Playbill of events

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Performance start 18:00
Ticket price 150-450 hrn

Performance language - ukrainian

Duration - 2 h 40 min with intermission

Genre - Funny and beautiful stories about love and space

First night - October 19, 2019

Author - Frederick Stroppel «Senior Moments»

Director, stage editing, lighting design, video projection - Stas Zhyrkov

Translators - Olha Varshaver, Tetiana Tulchynska

Costume designer - Khrystyna Korabelnykova

Lighting designer - Serhii Shalabanov

Sound engineers - Stanislav Lomakivskyi, Yana Mukomela

Videographer - Anton Stoliar

Musical design - Oleksandr Kokhanovskyi

Assistant Director - Kateryna Parfyrieva

Producer - Stas Zhyrkov

Imagine: your wife flies into the house, takes money to pay the taxi driver (although she has her own car), and then tells you how she gave away all your possessions to a very nice young man. Is this possible? After watching “Albatross”, you will understand what is possible.

Or one day you return home with your wife from the chic and most unusual funeral of your best friend, and then it turns out that the deceased (may the earth be his down) is not a friend at all, and the wife is no longer loved… Or is she still loved ?

And then… In this performance, there are five mind-blowing stories that will make you laugh, make you crazy and inspire you to live. Live every day to the fullest. There are many reasons for that. One of them is biological: the main characters of “Albatross” are already well over sixty, seventy or eighty. And they love, are jealous, lose and find, like freshmen. Missing the taste of life or sense of humor due to age? This is not about our “Albatross” – a performance for everyone who appreciates life and knows how to rejoice. The main roles are played by the golden cast of the Theater on the Left Bank.

  • The play was included in the top 10 plays of the capital of the theater rating “Kyiv Account” of 2019.
  • The winning performance of the 3rd Festival-award “GRA” in 2019 – “The best dramatic performance”.


Guide, waiter, cosmonaut, shrimp