Playbill of events

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Performance start 18:00
Ticket price 150-500 hrn
Perfect couple

Performance language - ukrainian

Duration - 2 h with intermission

Genre - Spicy comedy

First night - June 14, 2013

Author - Marc Camoletti

Director - Volodymyr Tsyvinskyi

Stage designer - Petro Bogomazov

Costume designer - Daria Nikolayeva

Musical decision - Oleksandr Kuriy

Lighting designer - Tetiana Kyslytska

Choreographer - Anton Vakhlionskyi

Production manager - Eduard Mytnytskyi

Photographer - Anastasiia Mantach

A light piquant and amorous story about the relationship between a man and a woman. The events take place in an ordinary family. Having made sure that the house will be empty, the husband and wife arrange a meeting with their lovers. Anna, a young maid, happens to be in the center of the event. Now it is on her shoulders to unravel a rather delicate situation. Anna will have to show miracles of ingenuity or the perfect marriage will crumble before her eyes.


Anna, the maid
Bernard, the owner of the apartment
Jacqueline, his wife
Robert, Jacqueline's lover
Brigitte, Bernard's lover