Playbill of events

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Performance start 18:00
Ticket price 400 hrn

Performance language - ukrainian

Additional Information - 18+

Duration - 1 h 40 min without intermission

Genre - collective dream

First night - January 5, 2021

Author - Nicola McCartney

Director - Tamara Trunova

Author of the stage edition - Tamara Trunova

Translators - Hanna Kirienko, Tatiana Savchinskaya, Olga Kovaleva, Alexandra Vankevich

Artist - Vlad Odudenko

Costume designer - Khrystyna Korabelnikova

Music and songs - Iryna Lazer and the band Mavka

Assistant director - Nataliia Dubrova

Producer of the project - Tamara Trunova

Trying to relive the past, distorting its real face with each iteration. Child trauma of mothers and children is absorbed by the walls of the family home. And these walls call to themselves, because it is there, between the bricks, behind the wallpapers are lurking painful answers to painful questions. Each following (by age) character is less and less able to speak their pain, has less and less faith that it will be heard and understood. All-round communication disorder. The play will break the accepted paradigm of perception of the concept of family and turn the mirror inside, at the root, to the childhood of adult trauma.


Ірина Лазер