Playbill of events

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Performance start 18:00
Ticket price 100-400 hrn

Additional Information - The performance includes scenes of nudity and smoking.

Duration - 1 h 40 min without intermission

Genre - Physical theater. The performance is almost without words. They are not needed here.

First night - March 6, 2020

Author - Yevhen Korniah

Directing and plastic solution - Yevhen Korniah

Stage & costume designer - Tetyana Nersysian

Composer - Mykyta Zolotar

Assistant director - Nataliia Dubrova

Photo - Anastasiia Mantach and Oleksiy Tovpyha

Artistic solution - Oleksandr Poriadchenko

Producer - Stas Zhyrkov

Director Yevhen Korniah invites us to the territory of the physical theater. This is a place of few words. A place where movement, symbols and feelings take over. Actors’ stories, told through body language, rhythm, and music, sound like echoes of disappearing words. Emotions that turn into gestures. Are you waiting for a linear plot? The director of the play offers to dive into the play in a new way. Concepts that are discussed in the theater are sometimes so fragile that they cannot always be expressed in words. It is movement and images that will convey what is usually left between the lines.

What can fill loneliness? A glass of wine. How many glasses do you need? One, two, three… loneliness doesn’t go away, and you can’t stop anymore. You are in the trap of alcoholic euphoria. Your feeling of loneliness is already filled with a pleasant aftertaste from a sip of the desired drink. You find yourself in a new territory where you become bolder. You are growing wings. Now you can say something “extra”, which may turn out to be the most important – confess your love, apologize, sincerely answer the truth. The feeling of alcoholic euphoria engulfs you, but now you are afraid of losing the edge. A sip is a step forward, a sip is a step back. Is there a perfect wine mix formula that can destroy loneliness forever?

VIÑO performance – “The best choreographic/ballet/plastic performance” of the GRA-2021 Award Festival.


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