Playbill of events

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Performance start 18:00
Ticket price 400 hrn
Call from the past

Performance language - ukrainian

Duration - 1h 30 min without intermission

Genre - Comedy

First night - April 27, 2012

Author - Anatoliy Krym

Director - Volodymyr Tsyvinskyi

Production manager - Eduard Mytnytskyi

Stage designer - Oleh Luniov

Costume designer - Daria Nikolaieva

Musical decision - Oleksandr Kuriy

Lighting designer - Tetiana Kyslytska

They broke up a long time ago. Ryta is calm, balanced and in her own way happy without him. She has a successful husband, an established business, and two children. His life is spent in everyday worries. A sudden phone call disrupts the usual course of life, brings them back to the past and makes them dot all the dots. Is it possible to return what seemed lost forever?