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Performance start 12:00
Ticket price 80-250 hrn

Performance language - ukrainian

Additional Information - 6+

First night - (Ua) 23 грудня 2023

Author - Nataliia Ihnatieva

Director - Volodymyr Tsyvinskyi

Musical decision - Oleksandr Kuriy

Choreographer - Anton Vakhliovskyi

Set & costume design - Vira Zadorozhnia

This is a story about how there will always be a hero who did not plan to be one. And hard times lead him to it, because you can’t stand aside when you are attacked. That’s exactly what our hero Kotyhoroshko is, who saves his beloved girl, his comrades, and the whole white world from the Snake.

This is a journey story in which, in accordance with all the requirements of the genre, the hero learns about himself and the world.

It is also a story based on a Ukrainian folk tale, so it retains the folk flavour and sense of a real traditional holiday, as Kotyhoroshko’s journey begins and ends on Christmas Day.


Olenka's mother
Godmother Halyna
Godmother Horpyna
Girls and guys
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